Current Projects

100 hour Introduction to Intuitive Date Coaching: Self Discovery

Dr. Rhodes is currently developing a training program for individuals who are curious about the world of date coaching from an intuitive and relational perspective. The first 100 hours is a deep dive into your own personal life as a tool for teaching and guiding others. Learning to appreciate your life comes from a process of self-discovery first followed by a deep commitment to practice living your life by your terms. Whether you are single or in a relationship, your personal life is an important teaching tool for any future coach. Dr. Rhodes will share both her scientific and intuitive wisdom of over 15 years of experience working as a relationship expert. She will also teach you how she choose to manage her dating and professional life in a way that is in full alignment with her soul and why having a mindful approach to relationships is necessary for the future our our world. If you are interested in being added to the mailing list for updates, please contact Dr. Rhodes directly.

Relationships Matter Most

Dr. Rhodes’ forthcoming book, Relationships Matter Most, is part memoir and part guidance on how to navigate your own personal life through the lens of intuition, spirituality, and healing. Dr. Rhodes has long believed that our relationships are our biggest teachers and that modern culture does not value these relationship nearly enough.


Visual Arts Reimagined (VAR)

Dr. Rhodes is also the founder of Visual Arts Reimagined (VAR). VAR seeks to help young creatives and artists survive their journeys from school into the working world by supporting their personal growth and helping them learn all of the business skills that were not taught in school. The VAR fellows program is an opportunity to learn more about business development inside a start up as well as have access to resources and support necessary to go from an idea to launching a business.