How is Rapport Different?

Dr. Rhodes is not just a relationship expert.  She is here to support you on your amazing relationship and healing journey.

At a young age, all of us had a vision for how we wanted our life to turn out.  Some of us focused on a career, some on a personal life and others on the full package.  As we get older, life takes us away from our playful visions.  Do you remember what you wanted at 15? 25? 35?  It is common to feel way off track and to have horrible things happen to wake you up.

When our jobs, work schedules and mindless experiences take root, we can become lost.  We often use dating as a tool of distraction aimed at increasing pleasure in a stressful world. We may say we are playing but we are not doing so with intention. When used to its extreme, mindless dating may actually interfere with our dreams. Fear may make an appearance and we become defensive about our dating and relationship choices.   We may realize that we have been dating the same and wrong type of person.  We all reach a point where we want our inner life to match our outer life.  We reach a day when it is no longer okay to use Tinder for personal validation following the latest breakup.

We realize we want a real relationship but don’t know how to find it. Or we realize that we have some significant healing to do around trauma.

Dr. Rhodes does not believe that the problem in modern dating lies in the quantity of singles. She also does not believe that “all the good ones” are married. On the contrary, there are more single men and women than ever before and we value finding a healthy and happy relationship more than ever. Yet, the journey to a soulmate requires taking a deeper dive into our own personal stories and choosing to participate in our healing journey. We find that the soul is often seeking something different than what our mind craves. Letting go of our checklists or what we believe is the right fit for us can be really scary, especially if there is a lot of healing to be done.

Dr. Rhodes intuitively works with you to craft a personal healing journey to help you use your dating history as an opportunity for healing and growth.  Rather than getting upset that people lie on their dating profiles, we help you say "so what" and support you in your excitement to explore who that person may actually be and WHY they may be important to your journey.  We may do a human design reading or consult oracle cards to determine why you may have been attracted to the person in the first place. When you go on a bad date, we sit with you and help you understand WHY this person may still be important to your journey even if they annoyed you.   We help you dig deeper. When you feel like your mojo is gone, we help you get it back by getting you out in the world and enjoying your life.  Nothing to wear? We teach you how to use your image to be more of your authentic self so you attract the right people every time you leave your home so that your outer appearance matches the energy of your inner essence.  Dr. Rhodes helps you develop your intuitive plan of action so that you can benefit from the numerous options there are and feel confident in your ability to navigate your healing journey.

Most importantly, the goal is not to just find a healthier dating life, repair your current relationship, or heal trauma - it is to give you tools to manage the journey, learn to manage your energy, and discover who you authentically are. The Universe needs you to blossom and Dr. Rhodes wants to support you on that journey.

Get started now.